Performance Resiliency

Performance, whether on the field, stage, or at a desk, demands mental resiliency. Students and athletes want to perform optimally and sadly, many do not achieve that level of satisfaction.

If we say 90% of performance is mental, my question would be: "Why are mental skills not taught as part of the curriculum of training and understanding the methodology of performance?" Clearing mental clutter, terminating the impact of trauma and failure, and strengthening focus and concentration through mind/body based techniques offers mental resiliency for the inherent risks of sport and performance.

There is a critical transition from learning mode and training to competition mode that assesses the knowledge with which one has become proficient. 

Prior to a performance, athletes and students are often reminded to "relax," which is the worst possible directive they can hear. As an achiever, the mind-body system must be gearing up to manage this movement with great confidence and focus. Mental strategies offer performers a very reliable method and practical approach.

Procrastination, game day error patterns, repeated injuries, low achievement and emotional instability reveal performance issues that are not usually reconcilable through pep talks and can be easily resolved with energy therapy approaches and mental conditioning. Slumps, blocks, injuries and repeat patterns hold the personal power of the performer, thereby, reducing the probability that they will perform optimally.

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Sanna has been featured in Dance Magazine, Dance Studio Life, Dancer, and Dance Spirit
for her pioneering work with dancers and stage competitors.

Resiliency Services

  • Direct Impact Sessions
  • Core Healing Initiative
  • Team and Group classes
  • NeuroCoaching Consults


Audio for Performances

Ultimate Sleep for Sports and Competition
        Put Edmund Nelson, NFL player, and Broadcaster, asleep

Stepping to Sleep for dancers
      recommended by Dance Magazine

Performance Excellence (2 tracks)


Edmund Nelson, Steeler Analyst, endorses Ultimate Sleep!   "I usually think this stuff is hocus pocus, but I actually slept really well with Sanna's Ultimate Sleep program. It is very effective and calming. I felt rested. I don't hear it all the way through because I am sleeping soundly. I endorse Ultimate Sleep for Sports and Competition as another tool to help improve athletic performance."

From a Four Month Slump to All-American: "I don't know if you recall that you treated an athlete from Pitt last week. As his uncle, I would like to say THANK YOU!  It's impossible to know exactly what made him come back and perform very well during the NCAA wrestling finals this weekend, but I suspect that it had something to do with you."

"He was a great wrestler, but never had the composure to finish strong at the national finals. Late this season he had been wrestling way below his capability and was on a losing streak. That was not the case this weekend - he wrestled strong and won an "All American" title - 8th in the nation!

The interesting thing is that during his last bout to secure "All American" status, he suffered a concussion early in the round. He kept wrestling like he was on autopilot and eventually got the win after 2 tiebreaker periods. It was really amazing to watch. Unfortunately, the injury forced him to withdraw from the competition so he could not advance any further than 8th. I wanted you to know that I believe you had something to do with his turnaround. Thank you so very much."  Carl H., Pgh.

Stage Panic Terminated: "My daughter, Alice, aspires to dance professionally. She is 13. Last year stage panic hit hard. I found Sanna by googling and saw that she works with dancers! In three sessions, Alice was back in the swing of things and placed 6th in the new age group of 13 - 16-year-olds! It was so great to see her loving dance again." Beth, Pittsburgh

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