Trauma Release & Desensitization Workshop.

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Reduce stress and tension with your eyes closed and...

Age slower ~ Be more productive ~ Enjoy more focus and concentration ~ Feel happier and be more optimistic ~ Sleep better ~ Experience less body discomfort ~
Reduce stress eating!  More ...

Weight loss and sustainable loss begin in the mind. Your thoughts, ideas, life history and imagination matter. The possibility of weight loss in and of itself brings on worries and fears which increase the rate of failure. This worry comes from previous diet failures, daily life tension, relationships and stress. You must reduce stress and tension first and then turn toward the task of weight health.  More ...

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Ready to recondition your mind and reduce worry for weight loss? 

Time to Lose Weight is a 3 track guided experience designed for personal empowerment to achieve weight loss goals. It offers stress reduction to reduce your daily worries and fears, powerful affirmations to instill laser focused thoughts and the weight loss mental reconditioning program. 

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It's Time to Sleep All Night series contains 2 tracks designed for sleep improvement. You do not need to do anything, except lie back and listen. Sanna's soothing voice has no side effects. All you have to do is slip into bed and listen. As your sleep improves, you will awaken mosre rested and feel better and more productive through the day. More ...

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Looking for a mental edge? If you love your game enough, you'll appreciate the zone feel. Whether you are a professional athlete or simply looking forward to a GOOD GAME of weekend golf, use Performance Force series to boost your mind power. Performance Force laser focuses your mind to communicate with muscle to play your best game.

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